Our Story

It all started when…

Our CEO Pablo Uriarte retired after many years as a Broward County Public School Social Worker. However, his passion and commitment to help families was stronger than ever. He decided to take his community ties, knowledge and commitment to help families in need by forming Active Community Health Center. A mere few years later we are now serving families all over Broward County!


Our Vision

Our Vision

We are a Community Behavioral Health Agency created on the fundamental value that “strengthening one family at a time” will transform our community as a whole. We believe that all people should have access to behavioral health services and to live a fulfilling life .

Our caring clinicians work with individuals and families to create a comprehensive treatment plan designed to foster healthy and positive outcomes for a brighter future. We are passionate advocates for healthy relationships and committed to providing outstanding counseling services .

- Pablo Uriarte, CEO

Former BCPS School Social Worker


Our Mission

To strengthen our community one family at a time by providing comprehensive mental health services.

Our Services


Master’s Level Practitioners | Licensed Mental Health Counselors | Licensed Clinical Social Workers | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

Services Provided in Home |School | Office | Community

Services Available in Creole, Spanish and English

Ages 5 up, Adolescents and Adults


Assessment A Licensed Clinician will schedule and complete a comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessment to determine the referred individual/family needs and services.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

Active Community Health Center’s programs and services provide children and their families an opportunity to reconnect and learn how to rebuild their relationships.  Our specialized programs help children, teens, and their families cope with the challenges of behavioral health. We work closely with schools, social services and caregivers to provide a comprehensive and healthy approach to achieving mental health wellness.

Individual and Family Therapy
Services are offered to families with children and adolescents to help them reduce emotional problems which are often reflected  in behavioral problems displayed at home, school and community. We help individuals and families identify triggers, teach coping skills and promote healthier habits.

Group Therapy

Group therapy services include the provision of cognitive or behavioral supportive interventions to the client or the client’s family. Group therapy includes educating, sharing clinical information and guidance on how to assist the client.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Active Community Health Center is licensed to provide Substance Abuse services to adults and children. ACHC provides Individual and Group counseling, counseling with families and substance abuse education. These services are provided to avoid substance abuse or relapses, health problems related to substance abuse and motivational enhancement and strategies for achieving a substance abuse free lifestyle.  A comprehensive clinical evaluation is performed to gather information about the persons served family background, social history, legal history, medical history, mental health history and substance use history. This evaluation will assist and determine the treatment team in developing personalized treatment recommendations. 


Appointments SCHEDULED to accommodate your schedule


Our Programs


social emotional educational development program

S.E.E.D. is an Afters-School and Summer Group Behavioral Health Treatment Program. S.E.E.D.’s curriculum is designed on an Evidence Based Program and staff is trained by Florida International University. Our trained behavioral health professionals provide after school and summer group behavioral programs defined as PSR (Psycho-Social Rehabilitation). It is ideal for youths ages 5 up, adolescents and their families. We address functional deficits, educational challenges, interpersonal communication skills, behavioral health barriers associated with a youth’s behavior.


S.E.E.D. Program is offered on school site or at 1 our 3 convenient locations.

Our S.E.E.D. Program involves planned structured activities designed to promote recovery, restore skills, and develop adaptive behaviors utilizing:

Educational Skills | Homework compliance and problem solving techniques

Rehabilitative Interventions | Expressing emotions properly and positively

Interpersonal Skills | Effective communication

Daily Living Skills | Guidance with self care

Our S.E.E.D. Calendar is update monthly!

OCTOBER 2019 s.e.e.d. CALENDAR - click here


compassionate Community, Parents, Students, School Support Staff Program

C.O.M.P.A.S.S. is a comprehensive school-based intervention program created with the unique purpose of improving Broward County students’ academics, attendance and behavior.  Our Masters Level Clinician works within your school to provide multifaceted interventions to students identified by school administration and teachers. Our staff will obtain parental consent and include the family in services. Our goal is to help under-served, low income individuals and families receive services that foster success and achieve goals. conducted by master level clinicians targeting the student, youth’s family/caregivers, community and school staff. Its purpose is to improve students’ academics, attendance and behavior.

“ACHC recognizes the value of strong community-family-school partnerships in supporting student achievement. Consequently, we provide programs and professional development that fosters authentic parent engagement by building the skills, knowledge and confidence of both parents and staff on how to work together”.  

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A smile says it all…

Serving ages 5 up, adolescents and adults



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Our Partners


Principal Dr. Henry L. Brown III.

Pine Ridge Education Center

Dr. Henry L. Brown, III

Dr. Henry L. Brown, III


“Pine Ridge Education Center is an alternative program that educate the most challenging at-risk students in Broward County School System.  Partnering with Active Community has assisted us with many services to help our students and parents.  Through their services and programs, the students were able to successfully transition back to their home schools.  I have recommended Active Community to many of my colleagues in the Broward County School System”.


Dr. Henry L. Brown, III.


Pine Ridge Educational Center


Intern Principal Marc E. Larose

Village Elementary

Intern Principal Marc E. Larose

Intern Principal Marc E. Larose


 Village Elementary School is a Title-1 Public School located in the City of Sunrise and is a part of the Broward County School System.  Over 90% of our students are on free or reduced lunch and our partnership with Active Community Health Center has been extremely positive. Many of our students and parents have benefited from the services provided by Active Health Center throughout the whole school year. Our students' interests in attending school on a daily basis have improved tremendously due to the support and assistance provided by Active Health Center. I highly recommend Active Health Center to other colleagues in our school system.


Sincerely, Marc Larose, Ed.S.

Proud Intern Principal Village Elementary


Principal Gretchen Atkins-Brown

Dillard Elementary

Proud Principal Gretchen Atkins-Brown

Proud Principal Gretchen Atkins-Brown



“Dillard Elementary has a wonderful partnership with Active Community Health (ACH).  They meet the social and emotional needs of some of our most challenging students. Within a short time, I've seen firsthand the positive impact ACH has had on our student's lives.  The students are always eager and excited about the program.  I highly recommend Active CHC”. 

 Gretchen Atkins-Brown, Proud Principal

Dillard Elementary




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