ACHC offers a variety of free parent support groups designed to improve family functioning.

The Parenthood Adventure

“The Parenthood Adventure” focusing on self-empowering parents by providing information and motivating an active discussion about any relevant aspect of their children’s lives including their own lives, struggles, goals and wishes. Parents become knowledgeable about developmental stages, expected behavior, tools in dealing with a disruptive behavior and more. ACHC has developed culturally-relevant parent curricular programs from birth to college, designed to engage families in the education of their children. The program is focused on critical issues that all parents should know in order to support learning and advocate for their children’s needs, ranging from quality early education, family literacy to college awareness and preparation.

These weekly meetings are held in the school on an ongoing basis. Parents graduate after 14 weeks of perfect attendance.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs

"The Nurturing Parenting Programs" 8 week, family-based programs with a proven track record of preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect that address the specific needs of different populations:

  • Prenatal Program
  • Parents and Their Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers
  • Parents and Their School-Age Children
  • Parents and Adolescents
  • Teen Parents and Their Families
  • Families in Substance Abuse Treatment & Counseling
  • ABC’s Program for Parents and Kindergarteners
  • Crianza con Cariño
  • Parents and Their Children with Health Challenges
  • African-American Nurturing Program Supplement
  • Among Parents and Adolescents
  • Christian Families
  • Family Nurturing Camp
  • Nurturing Skills for Families
  • Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents
  • Nurturing America’s Military Families 

Classes are free and provided on a continued basis. Please call us for registration, hours and location.