Addiction to alcohol or drugs is one of the most pervasive problems in our community, affecting everyone from children to senior citizens. It is common for individuals coping with mental health issues to also become dependent upon drugs or alcohol, which is called a "Co-Occurring Disorder."

Active Community Health Center is licensed to provide Outpatient Substance Abuse services to adult and children. ACHC provides Individual and Group counseling, counseling with families and substance abuse education. These services are provided to avoid substance abuse or relapses, health problems related to substance abuse and motivational enhancement and strategies for achieving a substance abuse free lifestyle. 

Substance Abuse Evaluations

A comprehensive clinical evaluation is performed to gather information about clients who are in need of outpatient substance abuse services. This clinical evaluation includes areas such as including family background, social history, legal history, medical history, mental health history and substance use history and patterns. This evaluation will assist and determine the treatment team in developing personalized treatment recommendations.

Individual and Family Therapy

Individual Therapy involves meeting with a therapist once a week or as needed for the purpose of reducing internal struggles which occur in the form of problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, and somatic responses. Family therapy is often introduced when therapist and client agreed on its benefits. Treatment level is based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine's Patient Placement Criteria for the Treatment of Substance-Related Disorders (ASAM).

Group Therapy

Our Substance Abuse and Recovery program helps clients prevent relapse by learning to recognize problem situations and avoid them. Our program includes topics such as helping adolescents identify problem situations that occur in their daily lives. The concepts of relapse, substance use triggers, high risk situations, relapse prevention, and developing a “recovery image” are introduced.

Drug/Alcohol Screening

SASSI Online is a web-based system for the administration and scoring of SASSI questionnaires which provides narrative reports on client screening results. SASSI is a SAMHSA approved, evidenced based screening tool.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Urine drug testing is available to clients participating in our outpatient services. Reports will be provided for those court mandated clients.